Nigel Swift


My work is informed by our relationship with the environment and our sense of history. I am interested in how we see our environment and how this perception has changed over time. My work explores this changing sense of place and history.

Research forms an important part of my process and may involve a journey, obtaining specific objects and sourcing visual reference material. I work mainly in acrylic paint and build up colour and composition using glazes and colour washes.

My paintings often involve a memory or image of either a place or event. This initial image may then be subsequently obscured or buried within other images or forms. My work is motivated by our re-evaluation of this relationship with the environment and of our history.

I am a founding member of For One Day Only ( which organises regular one day only art events in central London. I am also a member of dis-connected artists ( Both of these groups are primarily concerned with creating arenas for exhibiting work where the emphasis is on providing an event rather than selling work.